Lumos Summer Learning HeadStart, Grade 9 to 10: Includes Engaging Activities, Math, Reading, Vocabulary, Writing and Language Practice: Standards-alig (Paperback)

Lumos Summer Learning HeadStart, Grade 9 to 10: Includes Engaging Activities, Math, Reading, Vocabulary, Writing and Language Practice: Standards-alig Cover Image
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Why Lumos Summer Learning HeadStart Workbook?

The updated 2022 Summer Learning HeadStart(TM) workbook for kids moving from Grade 9 to 10 covers Math, Vocabulary, Reading & Writing to support fun at-home learning during the summer months.

  • These fun & educational summer workbooks are designed to help school children beat the summer slide with curated summer activities
  • It helps students retain and strengthen their Math and English Language Arts (ELA) skills, providing a bridge for academic success in the 10th grade
  • This is the simplest yet most effective summer learning workbook

The 2022 Grade 9 to 10 summer workbook edition: Stimulates creative thinking & nurture's growth mindset with

  • Daily challenge rounds
  • Educational games
  • Fun summer activities

Grade 9 to 10 Summer Learning HeadStart Workbook:

This summer workbook offers cheerful activities & fun brain teasers to keep your child engaged and provides much-needed socio-emotional support. It also offers:

  • Daily and weekly practice of ninth-grade Math & ELA skills
  • 35+ ELA & 100+ Math standards
  • Lessons with answer keys & explanations
  • Fun and Useful Skill-Building Activities
  • Just 15 mins of practice per day
  • Informative articles for students, parents, & educators

Online Learning Resources Unlocked Through Access Code:

Unlike a traditional printed book, these workbooks provide online access to hundreds of standards-aligned fun & engaging learning resources.

  • Daily online challenge rounds to keep your child engaged & motivated
  • Preview of high school Math & ELA learning standards
  • Weekly PSAT/NMSQT practice
  • Grade-appropriate Reading and Vocabulary Enrichment Activities
  • A Summer Diary Tool to keep their writing skills sharp
  • Participate and win gift cards worth $100 in the Lumos Summer Short Story Writing Competition

Conveniently access online resources, anywhere, anytime.

Benefits for Parents:

  • Get access to your child's performance reports
  • Assign practice questions & resources to your child
  • Download, share reports & create resource kits for your child

Benefits for Teachers:

  • Get complimentary access to Lumos StepUp(TM) Basic Account
  • It supports up to 30 student accounts
  • Assign practice & monitor progress
  • Get access to actionable student performance reports

Summer Workbooks To Help Your Kids Bridge The Learning Gap

This Grade 9 to 10 fun educational workbook aims to bridge the summer learning loss. It helps students review & retain what they learned during the academic year, enrich their knowledge and skills during summer break, and confidently start tenth grade.

This summer learning study solution is ideal for self-paced at-home learning, Home Schooling, Summer Schools, Summer Learning Associations, District Summer Academies, Summer Tutoring, Summer Camps, & Summertime Learning Initiatives.

Lumos Learning Study Programs are trusted by 539,800+ Students, 76,400+ Teachers, 33,900+ Schools, & 100+ Libraries to improve student achievement on standardized tests.

With the Lumos Summer Learning HeadStart tedBook(TM) at your side, your child will be better prepared & confident to start the 2022-23 academic year.

Give Your Child The Best Summer Learning Workbook To Overcome The Summer Learning Loss

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ISBN: 9781949855296
ISBN-10: 1949855295
Publisher: Lumos Learning
Publication Date: April 15th, 2021
Pages: 364
Language: English