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THE ENHANCERS is a polyvocal novel that follows three teenage friends coming of age in a techno-pharmaceutical society. Hannah is born and raised in a town whose industry revolves around Lumena Corp., maker of the supplement Valedictorian. When Hannah and her friends start taking Valedictorian, or V., a mandated mental augmentation, they start to witness its untoward effects--Celia is institutionalized after an accidental drug-induced psychotic break, and not long after Hannah's mental stability begins to slip. When a factory fire halts production, it threatens to throw the entire town into withdrawal. The Enhancers questions who we are when defined by our ability to process information. With mental augmentation as a baseline: how do we know ourselves, and what does it take to break free from this alienation?

Animated by the absurdity of a Yorgos Lanthimos film, The Enhancers is a wildly original and contemporary tale about chemical augmentation, memory, yearning, and loss. Imagine the fearlessness and wild imagination of Jenny Erpenbeck if she had a background in the pharmaceutical industry and you might come close to approximating the tremendous brilliance of Anne Yoder. Patrick Cottrell, author of Sorry to Disrupt the Peace

Fans of Ling Ma and Jennifer Egan, here is your next book. Anne K. Yoder, in a lyrical voice of the many, gives us a haunting tale of pharmacology and a story of boundaries: human, chemical and industrial. Where are those boundaries again? Where does a body start and end? Or, as Yoder puts it, How much information could one memory hold? In a text that is itself a wild, wonderfully written ride through a wormhole, The Enhancers thrills and horrifies with profound ramifications. Samantha Hunt, author of The Unwritten Book and The Seas

The Enhancers experiments with language and ideas the way its characters experiment with chemicals, leaving the reader dizzy with excitement, asking: What is a fact? What is natural (and can it be saved)? Is self-enhancement also self-erasure? In a world where every activity is regimented yet ever-changing outside of one's control, Anne Yoder cautions to be careful what you wish for (especially since you're always being watched and tested). My brain feels like a honeycomb full of bees after reading her latest work.-- Sarah Gerard, author of True Love and Sunshine State


Are there side effects? Oh, yeah . . .. This tragicomic thriller about sinister corporations is highly recommended for fans of Apple TV's Severance or Ling Ma's Severance.--Kate Knibbs, WIRED

Yoder's prose is outstanding as she unravels a modern coming-of-age story tinged with some science fiction . . .. There's something haunting in this book that isn't overtly unsettling, but enough to make you question enough about our reality.--Adam Vitcavage, Debutiful

The most impressive aspect of Yoder's debut novel, outside its vivid imagery and wrestling of indication--and warning-label language to suit its ends, is the world-building taken to construct Lumena Hills, the factory town named for the pharma company that's actively medicating its residents. Satire's too easy; Yoder interrogates the fine line between saying no to medication and being in control of one's faculties.--J. Howard Rosier, Vulture


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ISBN: 9781950987252
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Publisher: Meekling Press
Publication Date: October 4th, 2022
Pages: 340
Language: English