The Handcarved Bowl: Design & Create Custom Bowls from Scratch (Paperback)

The Handcarved Bowl: Design & Create Custom Bowls from Scratch By Danielle Rose Byrd Cover Image
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The Handcarved Bowl provides step-by-step photos and directions for every stage of the bowlcarving process that will appeal to everyone from beginning woodworkers to seasoned carvers.

Carving wooden bowls by hand may appear to be just a romantic notion (don't worry, it's that too), but there's also lots to learn about this natural material and unique process that will be undoubtedly serve you for every future woodworking project, no matter the tools or methods used. Bowl carving gives unparalleled insight to the basic properties of wood behavior, intimate knowledge of how tool edges interact with different grain, and the importance of learning to reframe failure as one of the keys of building deep understanding.

The Handcarved Bowl is the beginning of many projects, not just the three designs outlined here in step-by-step instructions, and both seasoned woodworkers and beginners alike will find the inherent value of carving using these methods. Along the way you'll learn tips and tricks that will keep you safe, help you make informed decisions about your own designs, and give you the confidence to take your work in any direction you'd like.

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ISBN: 9781951217273
ISBN-10: 1951217276
Publisher: Blue Hills Press
Publication Date: April 27th, 2021
Pages: 248
Language: English