Claus Boxed 3: A Science Fiction Holiday Adventure (Paperback)

Claus Boxed 3: A Science Fiction Holiday Adventure By Tony Bertauski Cover Image
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The Christmas adventures continue. The third volume of the holiday tales you never heard growing up...


When Tin's family inherits an enormous rural estate, they discover the hidden treasures of Toyland. The eccentric mansion was built long ago by a toy magnate named Wallace Noel, a man made famous by his beloved Noel toys. Tin discovers an authentic-looking elf hat and knows what made his toys so special.


After Chris is accepted into the prestigious Institute of Creative Mind, he finds a clue written in code. He discovers students aren't chosen for their artistic abilities but because of a DNA test. It's up to him and a strange little friend to find what they're looking for. And why Christmas will change forever if they don't.


Someone launches a global contest to find an elf called the Toymaker. No one knows who exactly it is that's looking for him. Nobody believes it's a real elf they're searching for, but Avery's late grandmother left instructions on how to find the Toymaker. And why it's critical she does it first.


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  • A must read for all Santa followers. -Amazon Review for The Rise of the Miser
  • Great characters and an awesome twist at the end. -Amazon Review for The Rise of the Miser
  • I love everything he has every written but this is a personal favorite -Amazon Review for The Rise of the Miser

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ISBN: 9781951432751
ISBN-10: 1951432754
Publisher: Tony Bertauski
Publication Date: November 15th, 2021
Pages: 848
Language: English