Half Light (Paperback)

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With Angel Tanner, the android that runs California's criminal underworld, pulling the strings, PI Cassie Tam finds herself thrust into a conflict with New Hopeland's biggest and baddest. But working with the murderous AI may be the only way that Cassie can get to the bottom of her home's greatest mystery: What is New Hopeland City?

As she struggles to balance her dealings with allies and enemies alike, Cassie is left with a difficult choice. She has always straddled the line between light and dark. Now, the time to decide which side she's on is drawing close...if she can figure out which is which.

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ISBN: 9781951880620
ISBN-10: 1951880625
Publisher: Ninestar Press, LLC
Publication Date: March 2nd, 2020
Pages: 142
Language: English