New Mexico's Lost Worlds & Enchanted Lands (Paperback)

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In the late 19th century, academics scoffed at the notion that the people of Acoma Pueblo once inhabited the unscalable Katzimo Mesa. In 1897, Frederick Webb Hodge proved them wrong by finding signs of habitation atop the plateau. Today called "Enchanted Mesa," it presents one of the better examples of a lost world to be found in New Mexico. But there are so many more. Northwestern New Mexico hosts the ancient ruins of Chaco Canyon, the stone towers of Gallinas, and a spectral white pueblo hidden amongst the lava-scarred malpais, while northeastern New Mexico houses a portal to the underworld at Urraca Mesa. The southern portion of the state sports the mysterious rock art of Three Rivers, and the ever-shifting White Sands conceal a mythical oasis. And, from a forgotten petrified forest in Fort Sumner to a lost river in Roswell, even Southeastern New Mexico harbors a few lost worlds. Within this book, explore them all...

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ISBN: 9781953221186
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Publisher: Bicep Books
Publication Date: May 1st, 2024
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