Narcissistic Mothers: How to Survive Abusive Parental Relationships Caused by Personality Disorders. Recover from Childhood Emotional Carele (Paperback)

Narcissistic Mothers: How to Survive Abusive Parental Relationships Caused by Personality Disorders. Recover from Childhood Emotional Carele By Hope Utaram Cover Image
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Do you want to learn how to how to survive the abuse of a relationship by parents with personality disorders and recovery from childhood emotional carelessness? If yes, then keep reading...

Narcissism has its origins in Greek mythology where there was a young man named Narcissus. He was a Greek hunter from Boeotia and the son of the river god and a nymph. He was a remarkably handsome person.

One day, Nemesis lured him to the edge of a lake where he fell in love with the water pool reflection of himself. Narcissus was so engrossed with admiring his reflection that he ended up drowning in the lake. In this day and age, narcissism is a theory used in psychoanalysis; the psychoanalysis theory has its beginnings in the 1914 essay on narcissism by Sigmund Freud.

Also, the American Psychiatric Association classifies narcissism as a mental disorder characterized by neediness and admiration from others with a grandiose sense of self-importance and and lack of empathy for others.

An obsession over one's physical appearance, traits, and achievements at unnatural levels can lead to a distraction from daily life and activities. Narcissism Personality Disorder (NPD) is one of the three dark personalities together with Machiavellianism, and Psychopathy. These three dark personalities are referred to as the "dark triad." People with these three disorders exhibit harmful behavior toward others.

It will help at this point to not confuse narcissism with ego-centrism. Narcissists are all about their egos, just like the egocentrics, but there is a difference between a narcissist and an egocentric person. A narcissist only gets their fix of admiration or whatever it is that they need for the moment from someone else. Dealing with narcissism is very difficult because the people suffering from it do not see it as a problem; they believe they are perfectly fine and healthy.

Any event or person that forces people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder to double-check themselves will not produce change because they will still perceive the facts about them as attacks.

In this book, you will learn more about:

  • Narcissistic mothers
  • Understanding narcissism
  • Narcissistic personality disorder
  • Characteristics of narcissistic parents
  • The future of your relationship
  • Narcissistic mothers and their sons
  • How to deal with narcissistic parents
  • Recovery
  • Healing from narcissism
  • How manipulations influence your mindset
  • Therapy
  • ... AND MORE

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