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“...a wonderfully crafted mystery-thriller…” —  Ronald D. Demmans, Author of Eminent Domain

Dr. Lars Sorenson has lost support for his dream of a cancer center. Elijah-Co appears as a white knight, but with its own agenda. Lars Sorenson, an ambitious young oncologist, is crushed when the promised funding for his cancer center is withdrawn. An obsessively secretive company, Elijah-Co, appears as a white knight—but with its own agenda. Lars can conduct human trials on Elijah-Co’s new cancer-killing drugs, but only if he agrees to perform a shadow study of one of them, EJ 181. Animal data suggests that this drug can reverse the aging process. Lars must prove its effectiveness in humans by conducting a clandestine trial. His research takes on greater urgency when he discovers that his wife’s mysterious illness may be cured by EJ 181. Half-truths and lies dot the landscape as Lars pursues Elijah-Co’s true goal of proving that EJ 181 can endow amortality.

Fiction is reality on steroids, and the novel Elijah-Co delivers that. Science fiction, however, needs to have deep roots in reality—the science must be believable. Dan Luedke’s experience with clinical cancer research provides the expertise for a credible scientific platform as Elijah-Co pursues age reversal and amortality.

About the Author

Dan W. Luedke is a retired medical oncologist and the author of numerous peer-reviewed articles. Dan’s post-retirement, part-time occupation is hospice medical director. He lives with his wife, Susan Luedke, a not-so-retired medical oncologist. They have two children and four grandchildren, who have chosen to live on opposite sides of the country. When they are not begging them to move back to St. Louis, Dan and Susan visit the kids and grandkids as often as possible. Elijah-Co is his first novel.

Praise For…

“The doctor is in! Is it science…or science fiction? Real or imagined? Dan Luedke’s Elijah-Co chronicles one man’s struggle to choose between his professional integrity and his own private war to save his wife. The winner? The reader! Elijah-Co is a wonderfully crafted mystery-thriller with a fast-paced story line filled with nooks and crannies and twists and turns, told by perfectly imperfect characters. Simply put, Elijah-Co is great read. My only question: Does Dan Luedke have another mystery hidden under his lab coat, waiting to be revealed? I hope so…”
— Ronald D. Demmans, Author of Eminent Domain

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ISBN: 9781954676107
ISBN-10: 1954676107
Publisher: Indigo River Publishing
Publication Date: April 12th, 2022
Pages: 272
Language: English