The Fantastic World of Bugs (Hardcover)

The Fantastic World of Bugs By Danae Wolfe, Puppy Dogs & Ice Cream (Illustrator) Cover Image
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Discover the bugs that roam this great green planet

Keep an eye out for these brilliant bugs hiding in your garden "The Fantastic World of Bugs" helps children gain an understanding and appreciation for bugs and their role in both human and natural systems. It's like a mini bug children's encyclopedia Once you learn about all the amazing bugs around you, challenge yourself to a game of bug bingo and look for some of these backyard bugs.

Written and Photographed by a "Bug Expert" from Chasing Bugs Conservation Education

This kids bug book was created by Danae Wolfe, owner of Chasing Bugs Conservation Education, and is accompanied by accredited wildlife photography from Wolfe herself. This carefully crafted expert knowledge and beautiful imagery makes this one of the best educational resources to help kids retain knowledge and recognize bugs in the future.

From this Bugopedia, children will learn:

Where to find bugs

How to identify them

Their shapes and sizes

Their favorite foods

Adorable fun facts

And much more

One of the best bug books that turns children ages 3-10 into the ultimate explorer

Learning about animals is one of the most recommended subjects for children to be exposed to early on. Educational books like this stay with kids forever and inspire their young minds to grow into animal lovers and maybe even conservationists Children will develop into curious thinkers as they have fun learning about the weird and wonderful world of bugs.

Collect the entire 9-book series

The "Fantastic World" series will help your child learn about all the incredible animals in every region of the world. With each book written by a well-known expert in its field, this series is a reliable resource for children to learn and appreciate our planet.

We warmly welcome all readers and recommend this informative book to parents, teachers, or anyone with a passion for education and wildlife conservation. Author affiliation is for purposes of identification only. No sponsorship or endorsement of this book by the author's employer is claimed or implied.

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ISBN: 9781956462197
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Publisher: Puppy Dogs & Ice Cream
Publication Date: January 15th, 2022
Pages: 48
Language: English