Love You More (Paperback)

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A Sizzling, Small-town, Grumpy/Sunshine, Single Dad Romance.

Jackson Corbett is a gorgeous single dad who doesn't want complications at his family winery. And I'm the messy tornado who just offered to be his new nanny.

Jackson Corbett is not impressed when I show up for an interview in my pajamas at the wrong time. But I need this job working in the tasting room at Buttercup Hill Vineyards and I'll do anything to get it. Years of sommelier courses and amateur wine-making have landed me here, at the best winery in Napa Valley, and I'm here to stay.

So I make him a deal.

He's overworked and stretched thin with parenting and a stressful job. I tell him that if I'm hired by the winery, I'll work a second job as his nanny.

I can endure the world's grouchiest dad and entertain his feisty seven-year-old if it means career advancement and paying off my debts, while taking care of my younger sister.

I also know there's no risk of romantic entanglement because Jackson is a grade-A grump-albeit a hot and chiseled one-who's been burned by love. The weight of the world sits on his muscular shoulders, and he spends most of his time worrying about his daughter and looking at spreadsheets.

The last thing I'm concerned about is how he looks at me.

Until he does.

I catch him sneaking glances, and I can't help staring right back. And noticing how sweet he is with his daughter, how his chilly fa ade starts to melt, and how he lingers longer than necessary when I'm around.

I find myself wanting to help him even if it means spending more time away from my sister, right when she needs me the most. I'm terrified of letting down the only real family I have left.

Falling for him could ruin my carefully-wrought plans.

But what if I love him more?

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ISBN: 9781956749120
ISBN-10: 1956749128
Publisher: Fast Turtle Press
Publication Date: November 16th, 2023
Pages: 272
Language: English