Measures of the Mission: A Survey of the Bible, Church, and Family (Paperback)

Measures of the Mission: A Survey of the Bible, Church, and Family By Rich Lusk Cover Image
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Written as a guide for Christians seeking to understand the distinctives of a Bible-centered church, Measures of the Mission shows how the coming of the king affects our understanding of the kingdom story (the Bible), kingdom central (the church), and kingdom living (culture and vocation).

The gospel of the kingdom is not just about how the story of your individual life can have a happy ending, it's about how God is bringing in a new heavens and a new earth, filled with His glory, so that the story of the whole cosmos has a happy ending.

Measures of the Mission offers answers to the following questions:

  • Bible: What is the gospel? How does six-day creation affect our lives? What happened at Pentecost? What happened in AD 70?
  • Church: Why is the church necessary? What is the free exercise of religion? How do we disciple? How should we order our worship services?
  • Christian Life: What is justification? What is a Christian view of singleness? Of marriage? How do we parent? How do we work as employees, or love our neighbor?

In order to recover the kingdom, we must understand our own story. In order to live out the kingdom, we must see the church's place at the center of the kingdom. And if we are going to transform the kingdoms of this world into the kingdom of God, we must understand how to live out our kingdom citizenship in everyday life. Faithful kingdom living in our vocations brings us full circle, back to God's original purposes for creation and humanity.

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ISBN: 9781957726083
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Publisher: Athanasius Press
Publication Date: October 9th, 2023
Pages: 402
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