The Gatekeepers of Sycamore Springs: Kansas Historical Journey To "Healing Water" (Paperback)

The Gatekeepers of Sycamore Springs: Kansas Historical Journey To
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The Gatekeepers of Sycamore Springs, Kansas Historical Journey to Healing Water explores the lives and legacy of the owners of the public historical resort and how each generation made improvements for the times while preserving the nature of the crystal clear spring water.

This is a book about Sycamore Springs and "the healing waters." The author presents a progression of documented events-a collection of observations along the historical journey-that lead us to the sycamore land and bring us to the present day. A journey worth taking.

History gives us perspective, but the future is still untold. People, places, and time determine the past. Our ancestors set the course. What and where and how they lived brings every one of us to the present.

Alice Gray had a story too. It has made an impact on many lives. Her history provided her a perspective of exploration and determination to understand the healing waters. Her story remains the beginning of the author's story.

This well worn path is part of Hanni's history. Her family is associated with Sycamore Springs in a very small way. They owned and lived at this historical resort from 1949 - 1966. They called it home and added to the history of Sycamore Springs. Each person who came to Sycamore Springs contributed to this story; including you. You, the reader, are a vital part of this history.

The Gatekeepers of Sycamore Springs is not only a history book but adds a human perspective through the author's eyes of how they lived at this place. A personal story of Sycamore Springs told with humor and joy.

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Publication Date: April 30th, 2024
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