Becoming A Pilot: What Every New Pilot Needs To Know To Save Time And Money In Flight School (Paperback)

Becoming A Pilot: What Every New Pilot Needs To Know To Save Time And Money In Flight School By James D. Kofford Cover Image
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Now that you have decided to become a pilot, what happens next?

There are so many unknowns for those looking into the aviation world for the first time and the whole process of flight school can quickly become overwhelming. Where do I begin? What do I look for in a flight school? What books do I need to read? How many tests are there? What do I need to study? How do I go from A-Z?

Becoming A Pilot answers all these questions and shows you the big picture by providing an overview of the entire flight training process in a logical manner. It also answers the questions of what to look for in a flight school, how to mentally prepare for training, what to expect, how to approach your studying, what to study and when, how to ensure you are not taken advantage of, and so much more

Becoming A Pilot provides information in a factual, unbiased manner that sheds light on the most time and cost-efficient path you can take through flight training. It also provides the insight and perspective to help you develop the professional mentality you need to succeed. You will become armed with the knowledge and tools to guide yourself down this exact path if you choose; nevertheless, how closely you decide to follow it is up to you. Upon completing the book, you will know what to do and where to go to find the next step throughout all your flight training. This ability provides you the power to take control of your education, giving you the wherewithal to guide yourself instead of paying your

instructor to tell you what's next.

Who will benefit from reading Becoming A Pilot?

Becoming A Pilot was written for all those considering flight school and student pilots in the early stages of their training, specifically for those completing their training under the FAA. However, aspects of the book will still benefit those conducting their training under other aviation regulatory agencies, such as EASA and CAA, as the overall mentality and guiding principles still apply. The specific details such as tests, testing procedures, references and resources, regulations, and other information listed within Becoming A Pilot may differ from the other governing agencies. Therefore, individual due diligence covering specific differences is required.

Your personal mentor.

Becoming A Pilot is written as though you sat down across the table from James Kofford and are listening to a caring mentor as he delivers all the insights and guidance you will need to effectively navigate flight training as cheaply and quickly as possible. He sincerely has your best interest at heart and wants to set you up for the best chance of success by helping you learn how to help yourself.

The value of Becoming A Pilot.

The average cost for a flight instructor is roughly $50 per hour. The time it would take to teach the contents of Becoming A Pilot is 3-5 hours or more, making the face value $150 to $250. The money you will save if you apply the concepts taught will range from easily $100's to literally $1,000's. The time saved by applying the concepts taught will range from weeks to months, or even possibly a year or more. Priceless.

How's that for value?

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