Welcome to the Dark Side: Occult London (Other)

Welcome to the Dark Side: Occult London By Kate Hodges, Brian Rau (Artist), Herb Lester Associates Cover Image
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All human life is in London. But within the city exists a shadow world of druids, mystics, magicians and witches. This is an introduction to that hidden realm.

Welcome To The Dark Side is a large-format map that charts centuries of occult activity including the headquarters of the Golden Dawn; Aleister Crowley's temples; where William Blake saw angels and William Burroughs launched a psychic attack after eating an unsatisfactory cheesecake. For the aspiring occultist, there are shops to buy spells and books on magic, and libraries and museums for further study. and also included is A Guide To Magickal Tools For The Aspiring Occultist. A checklist for those wishing to take their exploration of the subject beyond the physical realm.

This is London, but not as you know it: Welcome To The Dark Side.

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ISBN: 9781999343934
ISBN-10: 199934393X
Publisher: Herb Lester Associates
Publication Date: December 15th, 2019
Pages: 1
Language: English