Remembering Rhinos (Hardcover)

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- The stunning second book in the Remembering Wildlife charity series- The aim of the creators is to make the most beautiful photographic book ever seen on a species and to use that to raise awareness of the plight facing that animal and also funds to protect it- Features images generously donated by many of the world's top wildlife photographers- All profits from the sale of this book will be donated to projects working to protect rhinos in AfricaConservationists find themselves in an increasingly desperate race against time to save many species of wildlife from extinction. Though the global population explosion is a huge factor, all too often it is money and ignorance that are the main causes of the demise. Sadly, this is certainly the case when it comes to rhinos, whose horns, made of useless keratin, are worth their weight in gold on the black market. They are being poached towards extinction, often with brutal consequences. Remembering Rhinos is the follow up to Remembering Elephants ISBN 9780993019319 and once again is born of the same vision - to bring the world of wildlife photography together to produce the most beautiful tribute to the species that we can, to raise both awareness of its plights and the funds to protect it. This book turns its attention to yet another species under attack, unwilling to sit back impotently and see it disappear on our watch. By purchasing a copy of this book, you will join us and our photographers in our efforts to play a role in turning the tide. We cannot just remember wildlife and rhinos in pictures.

About the Author

A former PR in London, when Margot Raggett saw a poached elephant in late 2014, she was so moved by that incident, that she founded the Remembering Wildlife project. This was a 'live-aid' moment for wildlife photographers, coming together for a fund-raising book entitled Remembering Elephants. Such was the success of this book that it was quickly followed up by Remembering Rhinos, Remembering Great Apes and Remembering Lions with Remembering Cheetahs due for publication in 2020. So far, more than 150 photographers have contributed to the series under the banner of 'Wildlife Photographers United', selling more than 16,000 copies and raising more than USD $800,000 for conservation projects in Africa and Asia.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781999643324
ISBN-10: 1999643321
Publisher: Remembering Wildlife
Publication Date: July 17th, 2020
Pages: 144
Language: English