Fables 2.0 Aesopian Tales in the Digital Age: Animals, Morals, and Pixels (Paperback)

Fables 2.0 Aesopian Tales in the Digital Age: Animals, Morals, and Pixels By Tom Levy Cover Image
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Crafted in verse to resonate with the modern soul, 'Fables 2.0: Aesopian Tales in the Digital Age' embarks on a thought-provoking odyssey where the time-honored fables of yore are reborn in the bustling landscape of the 21st century. This compelling collection of 99 tales reimagines the sagacious animals of Aesop's era as denizens of the digital world, engaging with technology and contemporary issues with wit and wisdom.

Within these pages, classic characters are re-imagined for the digital era. The Hare faces a new kind of race, the Ant adapts to the challenges of a digital landscape, showcasing a different kind of resourcefulness. Here, the Fox isn't merely sly; he's a cunning influencer, and the Lion rules not just the jungle, but the vast expanse of the internet.

"Fables 2.0" offers a mirror to our present reality, reflecting our virtual lives with all its humor, irony, and moral dilemmas. From the depths of server forests to the streams of cyber rivers, these stories question, entertain, and enlighten, proving that wisdom is timeless, and fables are eternal - even in the digital age.

Suitable for readers young and old, tech-savvy and traditional, "Fables 2.0" is a perfect blend of nostalgia and novelty, a must-read for anyone seeking a connection to the classic tales of the past while living firmly in the connected world of today.

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ISBN: 9782898640148
ISBN-10: 289864014X
Publisher: 01 Web Canada
Publication Date: November 15th, 2023
Pages: 106
Language: English