A psychological study of socio-educational and emotional problems of male female college going adolescents (Paperback)

A psychological study of socio-educational and emotional problems of male female college going adolescents By Shubha Hb Cover Image
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Personality-In defining personality the psychologists employ the two indispensable ideas of

integeration and uniqueness while the various other concepts and principles of psychology refer

to one or another segment of behaviour. Personality invariably signifies for one thing, the

functioning of the whole person and for another the unique organization of the individual that

distinguishes him from his fellows. In accounting for a personality, it therefore becomes essontial

to know how the person, in expressing his needs and his social relationships, functions as a

recognizable unity with distinctive traits, drives, attitudes and habits which enable or

prevent him attaining an adequate adjustment to his environment.

In the early 19th century, James ward in- England, stressed the individualistic

orientation of the psychology of personality. In Germany Wilhelm Stern adopted a similar stand

point in his personalistic approach. In conventional psychology text books personality is placed

at the top of the conceptual hierarchy the lower order concepts lead systematically

to personality as the most complex and inclusive.

There is a point of view, dating from about 1950, according to which personal expersonal

experience is only one aspect of psychology; other aspect refer to other levels of behaviour.

From this stand point "psychology" would have to be replaced by the collective phrase.

"Behaviour Sciences" or, more simply, by the single term "humanics". Thus a reflex action, such as

the blink of the eyelid in response to a sudden visual stimulus, would be regarded as behaviour

at the physiological or neurological level, where as a marked like or dislike of some other

person, say a brother or sister, - would fall directly within the domain of "personality".

There is a no unanimity of thought regarding personality in subhuman organisms, though on the

whole, psychologist tend to human species, chareter as distinguished from,

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