Digital Surge during COVID-19 Pandemic (Paperback)

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The Covid19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on mankind, changing several aspects, mainly in the field of education. Education cultivates our perspective on life, education is en suite and conduit development holistically. In the pandemic times the sudden

shift in learning, teaching, and training systems, has raised many questions among the

thinkers, scholars, and authorities the present setup is a digital up-gradation or exile of quality

education. Also, whether the epidemic has increased the digital divide or strengthened

digitalization. All questions have hunched the researcher to undertake the study Digital

Surge during COVID-19 Pandemic: A study on Higher Education Institutions in Bengaluru.

Governments have been coping with and responding to the problems provided by the closure of educational institutions since the COVID-19 epidemic, while international organizations have issued guidelines to handle the disruptions and reactions. The regulations provided

to the stakeholders in developing countries are very momentary due to various socioeconomic, technological, and other lapses. Somewhere looking at the paradigm shift in higher education, we need a long-term road map to improve quality, relevance, and inclusion in the education system and reinforce the key principles of these courses of action.

This study attempts to explore the ground-level issues, the impact of every adversity,

and changing opportunities. This study explores how the use of Information and

communication technology (ICT) have influenced students, teachers, and prominently sudden

shift in pedagogy.

The study corners two essential elements - the surge of Covid-19 cases coupled with a surge of digitalization and the impact on each other with increasing time. In the Digital World during the Covid-19 pandemic, the induced lockdown was considered the 'New Normal' for people to socialize together, work together, and also study together. The growth curve for education did not stand still and only made it better. In the same line, the trending element was the usage factor of digital media and video interface platforms such as YouTube, Tik-Tok, Facebook, Instagram, for inculcating new skills, learning the current trends along with the video conferencing platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft, Skype, etc, which was a source to collaborate on the educational graph. All of these digitalized platforms and their inclination to the educational sector, with different perspectives and impact on teachers, students, parents, management, administrators give a broad scope of the study.

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