Experiencing Mexico City's Historic Center: The Guide (Paperback)

Experiencing Mexico City's Historic Center: The Guide By Claudia Itzkowich Cover Image
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The Historic Center of Mexico City protects 500 years of history, and cultural and artistic wealth. In addition, it is the scene of an effervescence that keeps it alive and transforms it every day. This guide has two objectives. On one hand, the reader will find in it information to deepen their knowledge about the heart of this great city. At the same time, the guide has a practical purpose, as it contains plans, routes and useful information that will accompany the reader in his role as traveler or explorer. Whoever has this guide in their hands will discover the center of the hand of curators, music lovers, chroniclers, foodies, landscapers and amateurs, whose very different outlooks and recommendations have only one common denominator: an excessive passion for the Center.

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ISBN: 9788412084610
ISBN-10: 8412084616
Publisher: Ediciones El Viso
Publication Date: February 15th, 2020
Pages: 288
Language: English