The Diary of a Young Girl (Paperback)

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The diary entries of Anne Frank, a little girl who was forced to flee with her family due to the Nazi occupation, are collected in The Diary of a Young Girl, which is now available in Marathi. One of the most well-known works of literature produced during the Nazi era, this book has received extensive media attention. This novel has won praise from critics and has been translated into more than 60 languages. Miep Gies was successful in retrieving Anne Frank's journal after she passed away in a concentration camp from typhus, and she gave it to the family's lone survivor, Anne's father. The diary was later released by her father.

This classic memoir is a must-read for all!

• It is a moving coming-of-age story
• This personal narrative is written with insight, humor, and intelligence
• It became a classic of war literature that continues to enthrall readers to this very day
• The varied themes and thought-provoking ideas will take you on an incredible journey
• It is a wonderful keepsake gift to treasure and share and will be a good addition to any library

About the Author

Anne Frank was a German Jew who was a victim of the Nazi cruelty. She is one of the most popular and discussed Jewish victims of the Holocaust. She is known for her diary which she wrote during her hiding days in Netherlands. She died due to typhus in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. There is a statue of her created by Mari Andriessen, outside the Westerkerk in Amsterdam. Plus, an Anne Frank Educational Centre is set up where Anne lived with her family. In 1999, Time magazine included her in their list of The Most Important People of the Century. Plus, Madame Tussauds wax museum has an exhibit that features her. In 1995, Asteroid 5535 Annefrank was named in her honor.

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