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Nature We've been reminded about how nature surrounds us, and how we live off it. As much as wild animals scare us and plants fascinate us, nature just seems to be another part of our life that we may have probably never paid close attention to. Everything in nature just seems to speak of everyday life. About how it is for the plants and animals, and how it is for us. And that is how all of it came together. Each chapter of this book has a poem about the animal or plant, some facts, and then in the end, a lesson that we can learn from them; and a cartoon, just for fun

In his own words:
Nature the teacher has been a journey of me trying to see nature through my own lens, unbiased and in all of its glory. I looked at everything I wrote from my perch, a tree branch high up. My poem would explain it better, though.

Up from my nest, I peek out down,
I can see a car, I can see a town,
I can see a man, I can see a lady in a gown,
My mother comes beside me and tells me "Its time,
For you to go down to the lawn and fly up high till dawn"
I look down in terror of flight,
And slowly step front and deep a breath I take,
Until I spread my wings and I am wide awake,
I jump, I feel my legs leave my nest,
I feel the air around me, I felt myself go down,
Flapping my wings hard, lest I go crashing down,
I feel a gust of air and I flap my wings,
I fly up higher and I can see the door hinges,
I land on the lawn,
And I call out to mom,
"I've done it, now I can live alone "

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