The Holy Quran and the Sciences of Nature (Paperback)

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The Holy Quran as a book of guidance is not limited to the social or moral sciences; its reach extends out the all the sciences of nature. Astronomy, biology, chemistry, physics, and many more are discussed explicitly and implicity. Indeed, the encouragement and leadership of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) and his pure progeny (as) saw a renaissance of learning and scientific achievement in the Muslim Ummah. However, in the past few centuries, the Ummah has disgracefully moved away from scientific study and achievement, leaving many others to occupy this space. This book attempts to wake the community on the importance and validity of scientific endeavour from the Islamic perspective as an obligation.

The reader will get a comprehensive grounding in the philosophy, ethics and nature of science from the Quranic perspective and be left inspired by the ultra-progressive nature of Islam in this realm. Indeed, it is through progress in science can humankind achieve the perfection it so seeks. This book is especially recommended for educators and students of the sciences of nature to be inspired to unlock the vast blessings inherent in creation.

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Publication Date: May 22nd, 2021
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