Applied Analysis: Mathematics for Science, Technology, Engineering (Third Edition) (Hardcover)

Applied Analysis: Mathematics for Science, Technology, Engineering (Third Edition) By Takashi Suzuki Cover Image
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This book is to be a new edition of Applied Analysis. Several fundamental materials of applied and theoretical sciences are added, which are needed by the current society, as well as recent developments in pure and applied mathematics. New materials in the basic level are the mathematical modelling using ODEs in applied sciences, elements in Riemann geometry in accordance with tensor analysis used in continuum mechanics, combining engineering and modern mathematics, detailed description of optimization, and real analysis used in the recent study of PDEs. Those in the advance level are the integration of ODEs, inverse Strum Liouville problems, interface vanishing of the Maxwell system, method of gradient inequality, diffusion geometry, mathematical oncology. Several descriptions on the analysis of Smoluchowski-Poisson equation in two space dimension are corrected and extended, to ensure quantized blowup mechanism of this model, particularly, the residual vanishing both in blowup solution in finite time with possible collision of sub-collapses and blowup solutions in infinite time without it.

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ISBN: 9789811257353
ISBN-10: 9811257353
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company
Publication Date: June 14th, 2022
Pages: 688
Language: English