The Weavers of Alamaxa (MP3 CD)

The Weavers of Alamaxa By Hadeer Elsbai, Priya Ayyar (Read by), Nikki Massoud (Read by) Cover Image
By Hadeer Elsbai, Priya Ayyar (Read by), Nikki Massoud (Read by)
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Following up on one of the most exciting fantasy debuts, The Daughters of Izdihar, Hadeer Elsbai concludes her Alamaxa Duology--inspired by Egyptian history and myth--with a tale of magic, war, betrayal, sisterhood, and love.

The world is on fire...but some women can control it.

The Daughters of Izdihar--a group of women fighting for the vote and against the patriarchal rule of Parliament--have finally made strides in having their voices heard...only to find them drowned out by the cannons of the fundamentalist Ziranis. As long as Alamaxa continues to allow for the elemental magic of the weavers--and insist on allowing an academy to teach such things--the Zirani will stop at nothing to end what they perceive is a threat to not only their way of life, but the entire world.

Two such weavers, Nehal and Giorgina, had come together despite their differences to grow both their political and weaving power. But after the attack, Nehal wakes up in a Zirani prison, and Giorgina is on the run in her besieged city. If they can reunite again, they can rally Alamaxa to fight off the encroaching Zirani threat. Yet with so much in their way--including a contingent of Zirani insurgents with their own ideas about rebellion--this will be no easy task.

And the last time a weaver fought back, the whole world was shattered.

Two incredible women are all that stands before an entire army. But they've fought against power before and won. This time, though, it's no longer about rhetoric.

This time it's about magic and blood.

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ISBN: 9798212901154
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: March 19th, 2024
Language: English