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"You only need to study music for one minute a day."

Sounds radical, doesn't it? The point is . . . get your instrument out of the case, sit down, forget all the things that are pulling at you, and just get started. By practicing one minute a day (or more) you create a habit. It's not how much time you practice, it's that you do it on a regular basis with commitment.

Mike Vaccaro, a virtuoso woodwind musician, brings his unique perspective on music and life. Music and Life brings you into the world of a woodwind musician, yet the words ring true for all musicians. It's a world of passion where you practice your craft, not for fame and fortune, but because you can't see yourself doing anything else.

Your instrument, and all the extra things that go with it, like reeds and ligatures are the things that can make music fun or a nightmare. Just think-if someone handed you as a student a perfect playing setup that you had to change very little over the years, what an advantage you would have. Mike shows you the secrets.

Inside Music and Life, you will discover:

  • How to be a top professional musician,
  • What life is like on the road,
  • Alternative ways to make a living in the music world other than performing,
  • Why you need to regard music as a business, not just art,
  • How to select the best teacher and why a teacher is so important,
  • Reasons why it is now so essential to build your own home recording studio,
  • And so much more...

While Music and Life targets woodwind musicians and their preparation for performing, all musicians will likely discover a few gems. The author goes into details of what teachers as well as students need in order to excel, how to improve the different musical instruments in the woodwind family, the philosophy and social aspects of music, and the business aspects of music. After reading the book, you will have a greater appreciation for the dedication and sacrifice it takes to be a successful professional musician.

Mike also has a few words to say about the state of the world and society today. And sprinkled in are the author's favorite quotes, thoughts to give you pause. He has a few words of wisdom himself.

  • "It is easy to be impatient but music, art, and life itself is a lifetime growth experience."
  • "Be happy where you are at while you are trying to get where you want to be."
  • "Save your money."

True freedom is reached not by playing or improvising the music, or reading it on the page, but by owning it to the point of being at one with the notes and the music. The ultimate goal is to take the music off the page and own it in your soul-so it does not sound like you are reading music, but that the music is coming from within you . . . or the universe.

Throughout the book, you'll come to understand that music is Mike's religion. It's compelling, thrilling, provocative, and profound... it changed his life in meaningful ways. I hope you feel that same kind of artful pull through music whatever your relationship with it.

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ISBN: 9798218245092
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