Foundations of Streaming Broadcast Media: Understanding The Basics (Paperback)

Foundations of Streaming Broadcast Media: Understanding The Basics By Myron A. Raney Cover Image
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Designed to be used as a textbook and professional trade publication, this book is a holistic exploration of the Streaming Media Broadcast Industry. Within the context of each chapter the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Buf Tv, Dr. Myron Raney, delves into the fundamental principles of audio and video streaming and demystifies the intricate web of acronyms and technicalities that govern this ever-expanding universe. Students and professionals alike explore the technical, operational, legal, and monetization aspects of the media streaming landscape. Everything from codecs and bit rates to adaptive streaming and buffering, is discussed to decipher the language of the streaming world.

As a bonus, Dr. Raney also teaches the business side of streaming and uncovers the secrets to building and running a successful streaming platform. Take a journey into the realm of monetization, where creativity and commerce collide and master the various revenue streams available to content creators and streaming platform owners, empowering you to turn your passion for streaming into a lucrative venture. With case studies and best practices exposed you will be equipped with the tools and knowledge to navigate this challenging, yet rewarding, vocation with confidence.

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ISBN: 9798218302252
Publisher: Kabalo Research Publications
Publication Date: October 11th, 2023
Pages: 256
Language: English