Accismus (Paperback)

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Nevaeh Azrael is the princess of Heaven, her duty to serve was all she's ever been taught to know. Though, Nevaeh isn't like all the other angels. She's headstrong and has always felt out of place, like she didn't belong. She takes a leap of faith one eventful morning, a leap she didn't know would change the trajectory of her life and the lives of everyone in the four realms.

Damien Blake is the King of Hell. He's what some would describe as calculating, cold, and brutal-perfect for the ruler of an unforgiving realm. He's stubborn but follows his royal duties willfully, that is, until he's met with a dilemma-a fallen angel with a mark that completes an ancient prophecy that binds them together for eternity.

Nevaeh always felt that she wasn't meant for heaven, but will she accept the surprising and daunting fate given to her by the overseer?

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ISBN: 9798218303518
Publisher: Amberlee Ortiz
Publication Date: November 15th, 2023
Pages: 278
Language: English