Yah-Men: I Am The True Expression of The Divine (Paperback)

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There have been a lot of teachings on identity and the nature of Elohim, but the profound knowledge of the nature of God in man is what is absent and this is why this book is here to enlighten you about the very essence of the nature of man. How we were brought up and the kind of company we keep, most times hinder profound knowledge and understanding of who we are. Let us take a dive into the deep and make eureka for ourselves.

Man's perception of God is determined by his relationship with God. Man is on a daily quest to know God and gain an understanding of who He is. This quest has made man try extremely hard to know God because he is ignorant of the fact that it is not by his strength, might, or power that he can know God. Elohim in his fullness: (Abba) Father, (Imma) Mother, (Ben) Son, and (Ruach Ha-kodesh) Holy Spirit has brought illumination to our sub-conscious/minds/spirits by rightly expressing His Word (Christ), and rightly dividing Himself through His Spirit in us by the decoding of the logos (letters), giving us the truthful Rhema (uttered Word from profound revelation). It is not just the Bible, but also other materials that have been inspired by God talking about Elohim and us.

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ISBN: 9798224542765
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Publication Date: April 13th, 2024
Pages: 82
Language: English