Impact of Bypass Ratio Increase on Co-Flow Jet with Critical Lip Thickness (Paperback)

Impact of Bypass Ratio Increase on Co-Flow Jet with Critical Lip Thickness By V. G. Ganesan Cover Image
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The coaxial jets are found in many engineering applications such as welding torches, firefighting jets, nozzle sprays, powder metallurgy, and so on. But predominantly, it is used in turbofan exhaust nozzles used in the commercial airplane industry. The coaxial nozzle used in a commercial airplane. The inner jet that comes out of the primary nozzle is a hot jet exhaust expanded from the output of the turbine.

The function of the main nozzle is to enhance the velocity by dropping the static pressure along the nozzle (E Rathakrishnan, 2013). The function of the secondary nozzle is to improve the exhaust fluid mass flow rate, which has been bypassed by the frontal fan. Hence the increase in velocity by the primary nozzle and the increase in mass flow rate by the surrounding nozzle contributes to the overall thrust enhancement of the engine. Jet noise is a primary factor affecting the people residing near the aerodrome vicinity and passenger comfort. The mixing characteristics of the jet will lead to a reduction in jet noise. Jet mixing will be augmented by dropping the potential core length of the annular jet.

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