The Senator's Girl: A Reluctant Feminization Romance (Paperback)

The Senator's Girl: A Reluctant Feminization Romance By Lilly Lustwood Cover Image
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"Since you're sooo smart and you know everything, I'll promote you to be my muse."
This is an illustrated romance novella, it includes beautiful images inside. Enjoy

Washington D.C., the land where I knew I'd realize all my dreams... also turned out to be the place where my GPA and sterling grades didn't matter.

Yes, unfortunately, I was working for a political prince who couldn't take constructive criticism. I enjoyed whining over all our water cooler conversations and winning our friendly debates, but with him, there simply was no winning.

When I crossed the line, it was then that I saw the real him. For the very first time, he didn't laugh and nod at my witty banters, he looked at me like he meant business, and asked me to join his campaigns on the condition that I'd wear pencil skirts and a minimum of four-inch heels.

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ISBN: 9798324616915
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: May 2nd, 2024
Pages: 212
Language: English