He Cheated on The Right B*tch (Paperback)

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All Kaymoni ever wanted was someone to love her. Growing up in a household with a mother who didn't care one bit about her, she longed to be held and cherished by someone. Suffering from several tragedies from childhood to teenager Kaymoni grows up with trust issues. However, once she's away from her mom at college, she is finally free to be herself and flourish. When she meets Derek, she is instantly attracted to him, but she refuses to jump into anything with him too quickly.

When Derek meets Kaymoni, he refuses to take no for an answer. He finds her attractive, thick and wholesome... qualities he didn't think existed in females on the campus. As the two spend more time together, their feelings develop into something more than just friendship. Eventually, he is able to convince Kaymoni to go out with him. Kaymoni is completely smitten with Derek, but when she comes face to face with her past, she realizes before she can move forward with her present and future, she has some work to do.

Sarah is Kaymoni's roommate and Derek's one night stand. She refuses to believe that her and Derek are done and that he's moved on. But once he speaks his true feelings in front of everyone, Sarah has no choice but to move on. However, in her efforts to move on, she runs into some trouble that leaves her questioning her choices.

What will happen when the one who interferes with Kaymoni's happy ending turns out to be Derek? How will Kaymoni react when she realizes that Derek has been keeping something from her? Will Kaymoni's past interfere with her present or will she seek the help she so desperately needs? Find out in the first installment of He Cheated on the Right B*tch.

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ISBN: 9798390799666
Publisher: Unique Pen Publications LLC
Publication Date: April 10th, 2023
Pages: 192
Language: English