Can You Hear Me In The Back?: A laugh out loud romance comedy novel and time travel (Paperback)

Can You Hear Me In The Back?: A laugh out loud romance comedy novel and time travel By Jessica Dk Jackson Cover Image
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Can You Hear Me In The Back? A laugh out loud novel with a dash of romance, feel-good and cosy crime, all in one spectacular mix.

Lisette, an experienced travel agent, gets on a plane with her new colleague Kim. They head off to Cyprus on a business trip combined with a couple of days holiday. Lisette didn't have a day off for seven months and is toying with the idea of switching off her phone to get some much-needed rest. She falls asleep on the plane, and when they arrive at the hotel, she realizes they are in the wrong place. The girls' phones are dead, the hotel interior is outdated, euros are not accepted, and their visa cards don't work. When they look in the mirror, they meet two younger versions of themselves. The flight has taken them to the summer of 1986.

Their holiday turns out to be anything but relaxing; they have no money and must find a way to survive. Lisette and Kim become masters of pickpocketing, commit burglaries, fall in love with the wrong guys while the past is chasing them with embarrassment and cold facts. But slowly, they come to realize the meaning of life and what is important.

About The Book

This is a laugh out loud, easy read novel and anyone who has survived the eighties will nod, laugh and possibly shed a sentimental tear. It's a fantastic mix of romance, feel-good and cosy crime.
Can You Hear Me In The Back? was first published in Swedish in 2020 and is the first book of the Time Travel series.

Will they make it back? How will they get money to eat? And do you dare to get on a flight again after reading this novel?

An abandoned hotel, tanned tour guides, gold thieves, drinks decorated with umbrellas, handsome pilots, hangovers, love and complications. A classic recipe for a successful holiday
But how do you stay calm when the world does not behave as expected? That feeling of having a bad memory, not fully understanding and a bout of d j vu at the same time? To be able to keep what you do not know to yourself and, at the same time, appear like everything is in order. With this as a backdrop, be prepared for a journey on how the survival instinct kicks in. We may never understand forces deep down within ourselves, how the past merges with reality and even creates an understanding of the meaning of life and what is essential.
I read this genuine feel-good novel with great pleasure and went from laughing out loud to a mix of laughter blended with nostalgic teas as I walked down memory lane at a pleasant pace. Dive into this book with joy and anticipation and be prepared for a fabulous story with a twist.

Get ready, Set takeoff power, Cleared for Take-off

H kan Bengtsson
Flight captain and former tour guide.

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ISBN: 9798456472250
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 15th, 2021
Pages: 222
Language: English
Series: Travel