Hope For A Misfit: (Parts 1 & 2) (Paperback)

Hope For A Misfit: (Parts 1 & 2) By Christina Fletcher Cover Image
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Part 1:

It's a true statement when people say opposites attract. That's what Hope Wellington discovers when she first meets Misfit. Although she looks for reasons not to like him, she eventually gives in to her fears and decides to give him a chance. However, she still struggles with her feelings for her ex-boyfriend Joe. Even after her ex does the unthinkable, she still can't seem to let him go. Things are going well with Misfit, but she calls it quits after she realize she isn't going to leave Joe alone. Hope has to live up to her name and find herself, but will she when her meddling best friend Shara keeps interfering in her love life? Will Hope ever go after what she knows is true love, or will she continue down a road that can lead to a broken heart?

Misfit has made a name for himself in the community, in despite of his known ways from his past. He is a completely changed man and has opened a youth center to help troubled teens like he once was. Somehow, his past comes back to haunt him and he can't appear to escape the lifestyle he hoped to leave behind. Meanwhile, he falls for Hope, but she can't seem to make up her mind about what she wants. He's not interested in her indecisiveness, but decides he'll be there with open arms whenever she's ready to come around. In addition to his love life, he takes interest in helping a young man named Rashad who reminds him of his younger self. Rashad is in danger of encountering death or prison, but exactly how far will Misfit go to save him?

Part 2:

Love conquers all... or does it?

Hope Wellington has had her share of pain and disappointments with her ex-boyfriend, Joe, but Misfit makes up for her lack by making her feel loved and secure. While Misfit is the man she has been needing all along, it's almost like they have this forbidden love. Issue after issue arises that continues to get in the way of them fully committing to each other. In addition to the back and forth drama she has with Misfit, she is trying to remain supportive to her best friend, Shara, who finds herself in a heap of trouble. Will Hope maintain her sanity through this entire ordeal or just give up on everyone and everything?

Misfit's love for Hope goes beyond any love he has ever had for any woman. The back and forth drama with Hope is more than he bargained for, but he's up for the challenge to make it work with the woman he loves. He makes a few mistakes along the way, but will they cost him his relationship with Hope? Meanwhile, Misfit is still trying to save Rashad and even puts his youth center at risk. The final outcome will be more than Misfit can imagine.

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ISBN: 9798548516442
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: August 8th, 2021
Pages: 232
Language: English