Interactive Spanish Reader: La Entrevista de Trabajo - A2: Choose your own path and learn as you play! (Paperback)

Interactive Spanish Reader: La Entrevista de Trabajo - A2: Choose your own path and learn as you play! By Language Adventures Cover Image
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Spanish Readers: Interactive Spanish Reader: La Entrevista de Trabajo (The Job Interview)I know that finding simple spanish readers is not an easy task.There's usually a lot of new vocabulary or difficult sentences. Spanish readers should be simple and fun at the same time This book is just what look for in an spanish reader Interactive Spanish Readers offer an easy and fun way to learn and improve your spanish reading skills.There are no translations or any other distraction from the story. The vocabulary was carefully chosen so that is not too hard for you. Context will always help you to understand a word that you don't know so that you don't have to use the dictionary all the time How to read this Language Adventure? Choose your own path This book is an interactive spanish reader. This means that you can choose the path of the main character.The story has several endings and is up to you to reach the best one for the main character.In each chapter you will be given a set of options to choose from. These options are links that will take you to the following chapter in the story.Feel free to explore the story and learn every bit of vocabulary and phrases that are waiting for you to be discovered.Interactive Spanish Readers - La entrevista de trabajoThis book is the first of the Interactive Spanish Readers Series.The book was written for english learners (A2 on the CEFR - Common European Framework of Reference).Interactive Spanish Readers have everything you need to communicate fluently.About this Interactive Spanish ReaderVocabulary: Job Interview, lifestyle, healthLevel: A2 ElementaryVerbal tenses used: PresentAlthough this book is written in the "Present" tense (tiempo presente) it has a lot of vocabulary that covers several topics. This book intends to teach you job interview and work related vocabulary while you play with the story.As you choose how the story develops you'll forget that you are reading a language learning book. You will learn as you play After reading this book you will- Be comfortable using the Simple Present tense - Know Job Interview and work related vocabulary- Know basic personal presentation vocabulary.What's the story about?In this story you have to help Mat as get a job. Remember, if you love what you do you never work a day in your life Help Mat as find his dream job Good luck in your adventure Why you should read Interactive Spanish Readers?- Short and easy sentences.- Short chapters- Easy and carefully chosen vocabulary- Easy grammar (at the right level for you )- Real native spoken english - A fun way to learn Spanish.

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ISBN: 9798648413375
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: June 11th, 2020
Pages: 84
Language: Spanish