Unexpected Outcomes: A Continual Search for Identity and Purpose (Paperback)

Unexpected Outcomes: A Continual Search for Identity and Purpose By Greg Brown Cover Image
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In this second book, the life of Priscilla Davis and Greg Brown is chronicled. Priscilla is the once-famous Texas celebrity who has lost most of her money and Greg is her junior lover who happens to be gay. It's now 1995 and the two of them have been on parallel paths without meeting until earlier in the year just as the movie of Priscilla's life was airing on ABC. She is now 54 and Greg is 26.Their lives were chronicled in the first book "No Clear Path: Two Texas Tales of Survival," which began with Priscilla's marriage to the wealthiest man in Texas in 1968 and Greg's birth in 1969. Greg humorously finds that he is gay just as Priscilla is shot at the largest mansion in Ft. Worth in 1976. Priscilla's husband is accused of the shooting in which two others are murdered and is prosecuted and brought to trial in 1977. By 1979, Cullen Davis is acquitted of all charges and his divorce from Priscilla is final in which she is awarded 3.4 million dollars. She moves to Dallas and starts a new life as one of the most lavish and opulent socialites.During this time, Greg is being raised 20 miles from the mansion in Ft. Worth by and educated couple who adopted him in Washington, D.C., where his dad was a physicist for NASA. He feels something is wrong with himself from very early years and finally discovers he is gay by age 8. The coping mechanisms are funny and dramatic but the family isn't equipped to handle disfunction. A blind eye is easier...until it's not.This is the story of how two people are brought together who are very different but need each other in the most primal of ways. They are both looking to survive; both mentally, emotionally and financially. But tragedy strikes Priscilla in the year 2000 and she has died by early 2001. At this point, Greg has to decide how to live his life with almost no money, healthy support system or job. The ties to his parents have frayed over the years and it may take many more to rebuild them. But what obstacles will he encounter? How will he survive without his only real lover and supporter? It will take many years to find himself and along the way old patterns will have to be broken and a new motivation to live will have to be found. But old patterns are hard to break; sometimes when it's almost too late.

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ISBN: 9798663006477
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: July 2nd, 2020
Pages: 242
Language: English