Comprehensive Guide to Master Zoom Tools: Every Tips for Webinar, Teaching, Meetings and Online Conferencing (Paperback)

Comprehensive Guide to Master Zoom Tools: Every Tips for Webinar, Teaching, Meetings and Online Conferencing Cover Image
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Comprehensive Guide to Master Zoom Tools: Here's the Perfect Solution for Teachers, Students, and Anyone Working Remotely-Get All the Tips and Tricks for Webinar, Teaching, Meetings, and Online Conferencing

Would you like to:

  • Easily and effectively use Zoom tools?
  • Make a switch to working remotely?
  • Become a pro host and master Zoom conferencing?

Yes Of course you do As more and more jobs move online, Zoom has become a ubiquitous tool for meetings, webinars, and online classes. The thing is, online work tools are still a bit unknown to most of us. As we are called to move our business online, we need to add this new skill to our arsenal.

Zoom doesn't have to be difficult It may seem intimidating at first, but that's the case with everything we're unfamiliar with. With just a few simple tips and tricks, you too can become a master at using Zoom. Not only will this knowledge make your life easier, but it can also open a whole new set of opportunities for you

Here's what you'll learn over the course of this comprehensive guide:

  • Intro to Zoom: How to set it up, make your environment user-friendly, master the basic tools like mute, camera, and speaking, so you can start using Zoom today
  • Video Conferencing: Everything you need to know to set up or join video conferences, whether you're the one doing the presentation or you're in attendance
  • Zoom Teaching: The best ways to use Zoom for teaching, along with tips and tricks on the psychological and pedagogical aspect of online teaching
  • Safety and Zoom: How to keep your webinars, video conferences, and classes safe and secure for both yourself and your students and employees, with tips on data safety

The time is now Use this practical, step-by-step guide to master Zoom and begin your online career today

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ISBN: 9798686572546
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 19th, 2020
Pages: 124
Language: English