Ask The PPC Manager - Self-Managing Google Ads That Make Money Without Agency Fees (Paperback)

Ask The PPC Manager - Self-Managing Google Ads That Make Money Without Agency Fees By Perry Marshall (Foreword by), Ken McCarthy (Introduction by), David Rothwell Cover Image
By Perry Marshall (Foreword by), Ken McCarthy (Introduction by), David Rothwell


"Ask The PPC Manager" showcases the Clicks to Money(TM) system - self-managing Google Ads that make as much money as possible, as fast as possible, for as long as possible, with as little work as possible, for months or years, without paying agency fees.

It is the insider expos which busts every myth going about Google Ads and the pay-per-click industry.

"The world standard in Pay Per Click" - Perry Marshall, 'Ultimate Guide to Google Ads'

Money doesn't lie

This view is largely heretical in the digital industry. But this is data, not opinion. And money doesn't lie.

For the past 15 years, I've seen business owners and PPC Managers make little or no money from Google Ads.

All you see is the money you spend, not the money you make. And some agencies charge a percentage of your ad spend, so they make money even if you don't.

If this makes you feel angry and frustrated, this book is for you.

"Google Ads helped us build, grow, and sell our company"

"Ask The PPC Manager" is a real $21.34m, 19X ROI, 15X business-growth-to-exit, ten year case study told in a fictional setting, inspired by "Built to Sell" by John Warrillow.

The owner grew his business every year for ten years, hired more staff, increased his ad spend, bought out two competitors, and sold to an international operator. Could that be your business?

"Your PPC campaigns are worthless"

This is the story of a fictional airport transfer company and PPC Manager Charlie.

The business is successful, but Charlie now has a problem, with responsibility for selling more seat bookings, making more money, and out-selling their rivals.

He finds he has no idea how to build, measure, manage, and scale PPC campaigns, and integrate them into the business and finances to make money. He is on a deadline, realizes he needs help, and as the story unfolds he is given permission to hire an experienced consultant to turn the campaigns around.

Clicks to Money

Charlie finds Joshua, a Google Ads PPC author and consultant, who lays out an easy to follow plan that enables them to finally make money from their PPC campaigns and transform their business.

Many PPC managers build their campaigns backwards. Campaigns actually come last. Your business is numbers. Your PPC campaigns are numbers.

Making PPC make money is just math.

The key is that the underlying principles behind self-managing PPC campaigns that make money meet three criteria:

- It is a learnable skill. When properly understood, architected and built correctly, and with sufficient sales volumes, campaigns can become largely self-managing for months or even years

- It makes money, delivering sales and revenue even while you sleep

- It is repeatable and scalable, allowing your business to become "Fully Booked" should you choose, or to grow for as long as demand does

Like Charlie, readers can apply the powerful PPC strategies in this book to finally make self-managing Google Ads campaigns which make money without them, and without agency fees.

Here's the simple secret to making PPC make money

- Track online conversions, sales and revenue
- Know your business numbers
- Target your buyers
- Do the math

Free PPC Money Audit(TM)

If you qualify, you will also receive the FREE PPC Money Audit(TM) with the author. Many PPC managers offer free audits, but they only look at how your campaigns are spending money, not how they should be making money.

One client wasted almost $48,000 on mobile clicks with no sales, and was saving almost $4,000 a month after the audit.

If you hate paying Google, "Ask The PPC Manager" is your new 'must-read'.

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