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W World Kids, What in the World is the Coronavirus? is a children's book written by Baton Rouge, Louisiana Mom and educator, Martina Marie Domino. The book explains the coronavirus in a kid-friendly way sharing how it has changed our normal activities and what kids all around the world can do to protect themselves and others whether they are still at home or transitioning back to more normal activities.

The main character, Jalen, shares about the activities that he has not been able to do and how the coronavirus spreads. The book has vibrant illustrations and touches on skills and safety precautions that children can learn such as washing their hands while counting to 20, covering their coughs and sneezes with a tissue, wearing a mask, and practicing social distancing.

The characters pictured in the book are named 'W World Kids'. They represent children all over the world. The names and countries of each character were chosen by the author to exhibit diversity of ethnicities in children's books. Countries like Canada, Mexico, China, Italy, and Turkey are some of the few that are showcased in the book. Each character is dressed in a t-shirt with their country's flag represented on it. Martina has intended to show that children all around the world have been affected by the virus.

"All children, no matter where they are from, are having to cope with the changes and loss during this COVID-19 pandemic". -Martina Marie Domino, author of W World Kids, What in the World is the Coronavirus?

Martina hopes, that through this book, children will be able to independently know what to do to protect themselves and their families from the coronavirus.

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(What in the World is the Coronavirus?)

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(What in the World is the Coronavirus?)


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(What in the World is the Coronavirus?)

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(What in the World is the Coronavirus?)


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MARTINA MARIE DOMINO's book, "What in the World is the Coronavirus?" has received starred reviews and was a #1 New Release in Children's Health on Amazon.com. She is a mother of three boys and has a background in Early Childhood, Elementary and Special Education. She attended St. Francis Xavier Catholic School and graduated from Redemptorist High School. She earned a Bachelor and Master of Science degree from Southern University and A & M College in Baton Rouge.

When she is not writing, Martina spends most of her time reading, traveling, snorkeling, zip-lining, shopping, and doing anything else adventurous

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