The Rainbow and the Rose (Paperback)

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There's things, I know, as won't be lost, Things as folks write and talk about: The way to keep your roots from frost, And how to get your ink spots out.What medicine's good for sores and sprains, What way to salt your butter down, What charms will cure your different pains, And what will bright your faded gown.But more important things than these, They can't be written in a book: How fast to boil your greens and peas, And how good bacon ought to look;The feel of real good wearing stuff, The kind of apple as will keep, The look of bread that's rose enough, And how to get a child asleep.4Whether the jam is fit to pot, Whether the milk is going to turn, Whether a hen will lay or not, Is things as some folks never learn.I know the weather by the sky, I know what herbs grow in what lane;And if sick men are going to die, Or if they'll get about again.Young wives come in, a-smiling, grave, With secrets that they itch to tell: I know what sort of times they'll have, And if they'll have a boy or gell.And if a lad is ill to bind, Or some young maid is hard to lead, I know when you should speak 'em kind, And when it's scolding as they need.I used to know where birds ud set, And likely spots for trout or hare, And God may want me to forgetThe way to set a line or snare;But not the way to truss a chick, To fry a fish, or baste a roast, Nor how to tell, when folks are sick, What kind of herb will ease them most Forgetting seems such silly waste I know so many little things, And now the Angels will make hasteTo dust it all away with wings O God, you made me like to know, You kept the things straight in my head, Please God, if you can make it so, Let.

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ISBN: 9798741942079
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: April 22nd, 2021
Pages: 80
Language: English