The Other Side of the Mirror: A Wife's Memoir of a Nightmare (Hardcover)

The Other Side of the Mirror: A Wife's Memoir of a Nightmare By Gayle Weinberg Cover Image
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A memoir reflecting on the dramatic shift in a marriage following the husband's coming out as transgender and the profound effect the transition had on the woman left behind.

For fifteen years, Gayle Weinberg thought she was married to a confident husband. Looking back at the early years of her marriage, Gayle described her husband as strong, smart, self-assured, and a "real Alpha male." Then, her husband dropped a bombshell into their relationship: He was, and always had been, desperate to be a woman. He had already seen a counselor and had determined that the best course of action for his life would be to transition.

Both feeling alone and vulnerable, Gayle and her husband started a journey of counseling, hormone therapy, and surgeries. Decades on the other side of that journey, Gayle's ex-husband has had the opportunity to tell and share his story hundreds of times. Now, Gayle shares hers.

The Other Side of the Mirror tells an important story from a perspective rarely looked at. When a transgender person comes out and declares their new identity, who gets left behind? Through her personal narrative, Gayle Weinberg comes alongside the countless spouses who found themselves lost in a world they had no means to navigate when their spouse began a transformation. The Other Side of the Mirror tells those readers who have found themselves in similar situations that they are not alone and can seek support for their often-ignored emotional needs.

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ISBN: 9798822912168
Publisher: Palmetto Publishing
Publication Date: July 18th, 2023
Pages: 82
Language: English