Wreckleaf (Paperback)

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Seventeen-year-old Nerissa John isn't supposed to exist.

Designed as a disposable novelty, her kind was believed to be eliminated years ago. But after a fatal act of self-defense exposes her, the local authorities offer Nerissa and her family a solution: In exchange for their services, they are allowed to live under false identities in the most exclusive place on Earth-the island of Panacea-the lap of luxury for the world's elite traveler.

With the opening of the tourist season and the launch of a new island-made product promising health and vitality, Nerissa makes a disturbing discovery. She and her family have become unwitting accomplices in a deadly experiment. Vowing to redeem her past, Nerissa sets out to expose the corrupt entity controlling both her kind and the humans she has grown to love. But what will her blind determination cost? Will she once again do more harm than good?

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ISBN: 9798887160092
Publisher: Bow's Bookshelf
Publication Date: March 14th, 2023
Pages: 484
Language: English