Sophia and Alex Shop for Groceries (Hardcover)

Sophia and Alex Shop for Groceries By Denise Bourgeois-Vance, Damon Danielson (Illustrator) Cover Image
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"Sophia and Alex Shop for Groceries" is one of eleven volumes in the "Sophia and Alex" series, written by Author Denise Bourgeois-Vance and illustrated by Artist Damon Danielson. This is the story of Sophia and Alex grocery shopping with their mother and little sister. As they walk the aisles of their local grocery store, the children's imagination is sparked as they experience the wonderous world of food. They learn to make this mundane task a fun encounter.

The 32-page illustrated book reveals how imagination can transform an ordinary event into a memorable adventure. Children learn that there are many ways of seeing past the obvious. The grocery store holds secrets only revealed to those who can envision them.

Each book in the "Sophia and Alex" series draws on storylines based on common events found in the life of an early learner. Children relate to the multi-cultural characters and learn the art of acceptance and inclusion in school and home settings. Studies prove that bilingual children are more apt to excel in writing and reading in subsequent grades when given the tools at an early age.

At the time of this printing, over two dozen languages have been added to the series by the Children Bilingual Books' pool of translators. Parents and grandparents alike cherish the opportunity to connect with their child through reading in their native tongue.

Why is reading important to your child? Reading sparks imagination, stimulates cognitive development, boosts social skills, and increases communication proficiencies. At Children Bilingual Books, we endeavor to connect children of all ethnicities, races, cultures, and languages with the wondrous world that surrounds them. The Sophia and Alex series provides a pathway to a child's understanding of language and social interaction. Moreover, they're fun to read

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ISBN: 9798891541474
Publisher: Advance Books LLC
Publication Date: September 15th, 2023
Pages: 34
Language: English