Things in the Woods: Terrifying True Stories: Volume 9 (Paperback)

Things in the Woods: Terrifying True Stories: Volume 9 By Erik Lake Cover Image
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In the woods, fear meets the unexplained.

Things in the Woods is a chilling anthology curated by Erik Lake, a former anthropology professor with a keen interest in the paranormal and unexplained. This collection brings together true accounts of unsettling encounters within the enigmatic wilderness-from Bigfoot and Sasquatch sightings to inexplicable lights and haunting apparitions. Blending academic rigor with the allure of campfire tales, the book challenges readers to question the boundaries of scientific understanding and confront the unsettling notion that we are not alone in the woods. Whether you approach these stories with skepticism or wonder, one thing is certain: your ventures into the forest will never be the same. Welcome to Things in the Woods, where curiosity meets terror at the edge of the unknown.

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ISBN: 9798892340342
Publisher: Free Reign Publishing
Publication Date: December 12th, 2023
Pages: 132
Language: English