Wendigo Chronicles: Encounters with Evil (Paperback)

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In Wendigo Chronicles, author and researcher, Erik Lake, has gathered a collection of harrowing tales, each a personal encounter with this chilling legend. These stories are not mere fiction; they are confessions, experiences shared by those who have felt the icy touch of fear, who have looked into the abyss and found something staring back. From the frozen depths of northern forests to the eerie stillness of abandoned towns, each narrative takes you closer to understanding the true essence of this ancient evil.

This anthology is an exploration of our deepest fears - of insatiable hunger, of losing ourselves to something unspeakable, and of the wild, untamed darkness that lurks just beyond the safety of our firelight. The Wendigo is more than a creature; it's a mirror reflecting our own potential for darkness and despair.

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ISBN: 9798892340366
Publisher: Free Reign Publishing
Publication Date: December 14th, 2023
Pages: 150
Language: English