The Big Bigfoot Book: 100 Encounter Stories (Paperback)

The Big Bigfoot Book: 100 Encounter Stories By Ethan Hayes Cover Image
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Over 400 pages of thrilling Bigfoot and Sasquatch encounters

The Big Bigfoot Book is a captivating anthology of 100 Bigfoot encounter stories drawn from the bestselling book series I Saw Bigfoot and Encounters Bigfoot. This collection brings together the most intriguing and persuasive eyewitness accounts of meetings with the elusive creature known as Bigfoot, spanning various rugged and remote regions of North America. Each narrative offers a vivid exploration of this legendary figure, blending mystery, fear, and fascination to challenge our perceptions of the known world. Perfect for both enthusiasts and skeptics alike, this book invites readers to dive into the dense forests of mystery and explore the enduring allure of one of nature's most enduring mysteries.

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ISBN: 9798892340526
Publisher: Free Reign Publishing
Publication Date: April 12th, 2024
Pages: 410
Language: English