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Watchers, Guardians, Strength Wielders, Water Movers, and, of course, THE DREAMER

This YA adventure is an enthralling mix of fantasy and mystery with a touch of romance, a clean fantasy book for teens and tweens.

Evie, a Watcher, grows restless observing mortals from the safety of her desk in the Control Room. When a friend offers to smuggle her by portal into a booming metropolis in Sector Five, she jumps at the chance to see the world with mortal eyes. Secretly, though, she also hopes to observe Adan, the human Dreamer, in his natural habitat. Only a glimpse, she promises herself.

But after her captivating adventure and delayed return, trouble awaits in the Control Room. Not only did she take an unsanctioned trip to the ground, but the boy, the Dreamer, is missing. Worse still, her director believes she is to blame.

Evidence places Adan in Sector Six, where Gifted humans and immortals are forbidden. Donning a human body and wielding a golden blade, Evie's orders are to travel to this uncharted territory, find Adan, and take care of the problem.

As she unsuccessfully attempts to keep the human emotions at bay, she discovers that this intriguing boy was smuggled here for a reason, and perhaps the culprit-the Deceiver-is a threat to them all.

★★★★★ My daughter loved it - Amazon Reviewer

My daughter loved this book and read it in two days ...

The Chronicles of the Marked are clean YA fantasy fiction books appropriate for 12 year old and up.

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ISBN: 9798985747423
Publisher: Inevah Press
Publication Date: May 3rd, 2022
Pages: 352
Language: English