Memory Lane (Paperback)

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Memory Lane is a poetry book with self-help writing techniques. The journey through Kim GoodLook Seabrook's life described in the form of hip-hop healing poetry. This book gives YOU the reader to have a moment to express your memories and feelings. Poetry was my therapy and I am encouraging for you to use your words and your thoughts to heal yourself. So as you read each poem there is a journal page with a writing prompt for you to help share your experiences and just release your thoughts with no judgement. Each poem tells a story of pain, love, hope but most importantly triumph. The book was designed to help people realize that no matter what life you were given, you are the one to turn it around and make choices to find the positive in any event. There are a lot of times where we block some of our memories because it is too painful. The problem with doing so is, that it does not allow yourself to revisit and find peace within yourself, your growth or to find faults so you can make changes for a better life.

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ISBN: 9798986566313
Publisher: Goodlook in Books
Publication Date: August 2nd, 2022
Pages: 82
Language: English