All Points Guide Living in Mexico (Paperback)

All Points Guide Living in Mexico By Charolette Guetzkow (Editor), Jason S. Guetzkow Cover Image
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Our comprehensive guidebook to living in Mexico contains the following:
  • A cost breakdown showing you how much money it will take to live in Mexico on a monthly basis.
  • A city guide containing detailed descriptions, the pros and cons of each city, potential hazards, recommended hospitals, etc.
  • How to obtain a temporary or permanent visa that will allow you to stay in Mexico for longer periods of time
  • How to avoid or survive earthquakes, hurricanes, kidnappings and more
  • How to make money in your home country while you live in Mexico
  • Tax secrets that can potentially save your family tens of thousands of dollars on taxes each year
  • A treasure trove of legal, financial and practical information that could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars as an expat in Mexico
  • A handy encyclopedia of topics in alphabetical order so you can easily look up information that is vital to you when you need it.

This book is the most comprehensive and detailed authority on the subject of living in Mexico ever published. Whether you are a retiree, an expat, a digital nomad or just someone who likes spend time in Mexico, this book will prove to be a vital resource.

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ISBN: 9798987822708
Publisher: Dime Group LLC
Publication Date: April 8th, 2023
Pages: 460
Language: English