Conspiracy of Lies (Hardcover)

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Set in Miami, the legal thriller Conspiracy of Lies, tells the story of a young lawyer, who in taking on his first drug case unwittingly finds himself in the crosshairs of the CIA and a ruthless federal prosecutor desperate to keep secret their ties to the Santolisma cartel.

While Jake's law practice is finally beginning to take off, at home, his marriage is crumbling. He has broken a solemn promise to Elena, his wife, not to defend drug dealers due to her traumatic experiences as a child in her native Colombia. When given the chance to admit what he's done, Jake continues with the lie, again and again. Now with Jake facing imminent arrest and trial, Elena no longer believes in his innocence, and in fear for her safety takes off with the kids.

Alone, Jake must now navigate through a judicial system stacked against him, and in some unknowable way regain Elena's love and be reunited with his family.

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ISBN: 9798989003129
Publisher: Sawtooth Press
Publication Date: September 11th, 2023
Pages: 260
Language: English