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--This is the third book by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha that we’ve published, but the first poetry book. Her memoir Dirty River (2015) was a finalist for Lambda Literary and Publishing Triangle Awards, and went into a third printing this year. Her latest nonfiction book, Care Work, about disability justice, is being published in October 2018.
--In addition to being an inspiring and thoughtful activist on disability and LGBTQ issues, Leah is an accomplished poet. Her 2011 collection Love Cake (TSAR Publications) won a Lambda Literary Award, and her 2015 collection Bodymap (TSAR) was widely acclaimed. In this, her first poetry book in four years, she explores the collective trauma of these troubled times from a queer brown disabled perspective. For Leah, the title refers to the idea that “our names and bodies are unpronounceable to colonizers and those who seek to oppose and destroy us,” and how “we survive, thrive, and spit in the faces of our enemies.”
--Leah is a powerful stage performer who is constantly being invited to present at festivals, colleges, and universities. We plan to tour her where she will promote both her poetry and her nonfiction book Care Work.
--Leah has a strong following for her poetry (as well as her non-fiction and activist work); the success of Dirty River, which is used often as a post-secondary text, introduced her to a wider audience. This book will also appeal to fans of LGBTQ and culturally diverse literature, and books by women poets.

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ISBN-13: 9781551527581
Publisher: Arsenal Pulp Press
Publication Date: May 13th, 2019